95% of divers visiting SA to do the run tend to go to PSJ. Your hotel room is generally very close to where the boat will be launching everyday. There are over 6 different dive operators launching here every morning and some operators have up to 5 boats making the launch very busy. Also the launch in the morning can be quite intense at times. All apart of the fun.

If you do get action and you get on a bait ball, this can make things quite crowded. However, there is a general rule that if you arrive at the action first, your boat has first go. A big positive about having so many dive operators searching for action is that you got a much higher chance of finding the action as they all tend to keep in radio contact.

Price: 5 day 6 night with breakfast lunch and dinner provided
R 21000 PER PERSON Price based on per person sharing rate
R 22900 will apply for single supplement
Non- diver / non-boat rider R 7870 ( sharing )

Arrival and departure days will be non – sea days.

We also offer a shorter 4 night 3 day package with breakfast lunch and dinner provided :

R 11600 per person sharing
R12400 single supplement
Non- diver / non- boat rider R 5250 (sharing )


5 Days of diving/snorkelling/boat based viewing. {Duration of time spent out at sea is determined by activity and weather}
Lunch pack and refreshments for boat trip
Cylinder and air fill
Weights and weight belt